Purnam means complete and Purnam also means a circle. It has no beginning and end and is denoted by shunya or nothingness . It is only absolute nothingness which is complete within itself.

With Purnam we are Circling our way into Composite Patterns of Jewelry. An antique Rabari pendent , carvings from a hoop of an old earring , pieces of temple jewels ofcourse , a gem of a cuff with Mughal carvings sourced , an Attigai pendant, small broken yet alluring tiny pieces , pendants from a earring that had lost its partner , silver and gold Ghughris and Jhumkis , a portrayal antique pendant , an Afghani cuff.

The Collection Purnam is an amalgamation of different works of art that find a synchronicity and completion together. Pieces of Jewelry have been curated , carefully constructed and created for you.