The Legend Of Aaharya

Aaharya works with artisans to create timeless and unique pieces of temple jewellery which are handcrafted in silver and gilded with gold leaf. These pieces have been created with traditional techniques used in India for centuries. Originally crafted to adorn the Indian Royalty who then donated them to temples, these were work by temple dancers. In the 21st century, temple jewellery adorns not just classical dancers but women everywhere who have a taste for the aesthetic. 

The sculptor of Aaharya, Rhea Hirani has studied Fashion Business Management from ISDI, Parsons and has been an ardent disciple of Bharatha Natyam. Inspired from the value system ingrained in her because of her roots and her dance form she has a proclivity for creating designs that are fundamentally Indian. Utilising this she has brought to life the age-old culturally rich art form of temple jewellery.

"I felt Temple Jewellery was just categorised as dance jewellery. And its work was not given as much importance as many other art forms. Wanted the world to take notice and also understand how artistically these pieces of our cultural heritage are fortunately still made as the number of artisans is diminishing at an alarming rate. Being a Bharat Natyam dancer these pieces have become a part of my DNA and come naturally to me now."
The ethos of Aaharya lies in being rooted to our culture and traditions, recognising craftsmen and taking forward the most alluring but yet the most elusive art form. With the option of curating customised sets, we believe in perfecting the final nuances whilst turning your vision into reality.