Abharika Studs [silver jewellery] [temple jewellery] - Aaharya
Abharika Studs [silver jewellery] [temple jewellery] - Aaharya

Abharika Studs

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What’s traditional but still all the rage this season?

The Statement Studs. With red and green kemptones embedded in the flawless circles of elegance, boldness and beauty, these earrings can be your go-to pair for any occasion.

May it be a marriage ceremony or that one bohemian party you plan with your girlfriends; a classical dance performance or a casual visit to the temple. Who ever thought that Indian jewellery could be so versatile!

The best thing about kemp stone jewellery is how it can be both conspicuous and capricious at the same time. Just as how finely it blends with the look, it also garners enough attention with its cutting edge designs.

Embellish your look by these bright yet chic and bold yet graceful pair of studs and accentuate that flattering attire with the jewellery that embodies finesse.